about meMy name is Billy Oppenheimer. My friends cleverly refer to me as Bopp. Welcome. Thanks for coming to my blog. My bio is this – I’m bopp’in around (see what I did there) following interests to discover passions. I spend much of my time in thought – my mind runs wild and the only thing I know to do is write those thoughts in a notebook. In Austin Kleon’s “The Steal Like an Artist Journal,” there is an exercise that asks, “What are you hoarding for yourself that could be shared with others?” The answer shot right to mind, then to pen, then to paper – the thoughts in my notebook. I don’t want to be a hoarder any longer.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn.

For me and you to learn more about me, with the above quote as inspiration, I compiled the below. I asked 5 friends that I’ve spent “the most time with” over the last few years to respond to this prompt: “Pretend you’re drunk at a party and one of your friends that I don’t know comes up to you and was like ‘yo what’s Billy like?”

I too wrote how I would describe each of them.

Keep In Mind: I wrote my description of them before I received theirs. I didn’t tell them what I wrote I about them.


“Most people I know just go with the flow or do things because everyone else is doing it. Not Bill. Something that has remained consistent over the years is that he never worries what everyone else is doing. He does what makes him happy. He does what he wants to do, but always prioritizes being a great friend. Whether he is on the other side of the country for 10 months or right down the street, I can always rely on him, knowing I’ll always get the same Billy – witty, hilarious and of course, always doing him. I think my favorite thing that Bill does is write movie script ideas. They are hilariously genius in their randomness and seemingly nonsensical nature. They always have everyone in tears and quite honestly, I think some will be big hits…no doubt about it. He often get’s into another hilarious result of always doing him, I often find myself saying, “that’s just bill being bill,” because bill is just doing him, not what anyone else wants to or expects him to do and that’s why you gotta love him.” – Gary S.

Gary is my funniest friend. He was crowned Mr. GA (prom king equivalent) after winning the high school talent show. Most contestants, following introductions, were escorted in by an attractive female, Gary borrowed a friends dog to escort him. He wowed the crowd when he took on the big 3 of impossible food challenges: the saltine cracker challenge, the cinnamon challenge, and the peeps challenge. He failed all three. Whoever said, “ideas are cheap, execution’s everything” was wrong! I often think about writing a movie script with Gary the lead. I like to think Gary and I are friends because I’m half as funny as him.

IMG_8184“Billy Opp, the YES man. He never turns down an adventure . Despite playing for an opposing club in Perth, his outgoingness and charm led us enemies to becoming good mates. From venturing to the outback , the farmlands of Moora, camping trips in Margaret River, when Billy’s involved, it’s always a good time.” – Matt C.

Matt is my most “skills dispersed across the board” friend. He’s a carpenter by trade, but he pitches tents, starts beach bonfires, herds sheep, skippers boats, lines fishing rods, mans tractors, grills burgers, leads hikes to hidden treasures of beauty. The night after I first met Matt, I wrote in my notebook, “If Matt C. (friends on facebook) invites you to do anything, you make damn sure you go!” I followed that advice and it never failed me. He took me to and showed me parts of Australia I never would have seen, never would have dreamed of. I like to think Matt and I are friends because I’m half as “skills dispersed across the board”.

IMG_8188Billy Opp is someone I’m proud to call a best friend. He has the ability to adapt to any situation, and then leave a lasting impression on anybody he comes in contact with. Whether traveling to Australia, or sitting next to me at a dinner table, positioning himself to eat my leftovers, Billy is always a friend you can count on. We got to compete together on the lacrosse field, home and abroad, as well as live together, I know I have a friend for life no matter where he is. I always look forward to asking him – “Hey Opp, where in the world are you now?” – Chris A.

Chris is my most decisive friend. I didn’t want to go to Australia without him. I finally begged him into coming with me, but “I’m only coming for 2 months,” he said. Two months went quick but when it did, Perth assembled its best team of persuaders to try to talk Chris into staying longer. I knew they were wasting their time, though. He said he was only coming for 2, so he was only coming for 2. Chris makes a decision and sticks to it. If he sees a taco bell commercial, he doesn’t say, “Man I could really go for some tacos.” Chris runs upstairs, grabs his car keys and says, “I’m going to get tacos.” I like to think Chris and I are friends because I’m half as decisive as him.

IMG_8191“I met Bopp on my first day in Colorado. It was like walking in on the first day of school and trying to pick who to sit with. Who was going to be your boy for the whole school year? I chose the badass motherfucker with the long bleached hair! I admired how many people came out to visit Billy in Colorado. Each had interesting backgrounds and stories with him. He has a gift when it comes to making and hanging on to friends. I liked knowing we’d be friends long after that ski season.” – Mike C.

Mikey is my most honest friend. He embraces vulnerability, not afraid to express his feelings to his friends. He’d say the things we all felt but didn’t feel comfortable saying like, “I love you guys, I’m so glad we met.” And you could tell it was genuine when he said it. I like to think Mike and I are friends because I’m half as honest as him.

IMG_8192“Bill and I became friends through my favorite sport, LACROSSE. In our sophomore year, he transferred from Quinnipiac to Lehigh and immediately became one of my best friends. I knew right away that Bill and I were, as they say, “meant to be”. Within weeks, we were scheduling the same classes and pretty much spending all of our time together. I’m eternally grateful that he chose to transfer to Lehigh. I know that I’ve got a best friend for the rest of my life, and I’ll always look to Bill as someone I can confide in when life is getting stressful. He can lighten the mood of an entire room without even having to say a word. Even if he is halfway across the globe, he’s always there for you if you need him, Cheers!” – Steve B.

Steve is my most affable, not eff-able, but affable friend. Every time I’m with Steve, he is texting someone who has reached out to him to ask for help or to confide in him. There is nothing too big and there is nothing to small, Steve finds the time when others seek his help. I like to think Steve and I are friends because I’m half as compassionate as him.

ELEPHANT in the room: they are all strikingly attractive fellas. I don’t know what that says, just an observation.

To learn about me is to learn about my friends. I’m like Gary – I love humor and try not to take things too seriously. I’m like Matt – I like to have the knowledge and skills to do a variety of things. I’m like Chris – I get a thought in my head and I go for it. I’m like Mikey – I like to have honest conversations with those close to me. I’m like Steve – I like to be there for my friends, no matter where I am.