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I’ve spent the past year and a half away from the comfort of my home, my family, and my friends. I’ve lived in places and with people that have had a profound impact on me. It is these travels that have inspired me to share and tell more.


In the summer of 2015, before the start of my senior year in college, I worked as an intern at the Stephen Gould Corporation (SGC) in New York City. On a weekend in July, I escaped the city for some family time in North Cape May, New Jersey. My dad and I sat on the beach and talked about my future. I talked my dads ear off about my job offer from SGC, the people I worked with, the kegerator in the office, and living in Manhattan. I was excited to have post-grad plans set.

My dad’s world-renowned ‘Orange Crush’ cocktails were going back like Kel’s orange soda when I said to my dad, “maybe I’ll go to Australia, play a little more lacrosse, work some odd job and then go to Colorado and ski instruct for a winter.” I don’t know why I said that. I don’t know where it came from. I hadn’t had either of those thoughts before that moment. Australia, Austria, Awesome, all the same. Do they play lacrosse there? I grew up skiing but instructing was never on my radar. I was a little bit buzzed and a little bit joking.

My dad responded with emphatic support. The furthest I had traveled outside the States was a ski trip to Mont Sutton, in Quebec, just north of Vermont. “Might give you some perspective,” I think were his words.

So I explored the possibility. I sent an email to the Wanneroo Lacrosse Club in Perth, Western Australia to see if I could come down there and join their club. A guy named Radda emailed back that they’d love to have me as an import to their men’s team. I talked my college roommate, Chris, into coming with me. We booked flights to depart for Perth on June 14th, 2016.

Since that departure, I’ve lived an unconventional life. I’ve worked 9 minimum wage jobs, living pay check to pay check, to live in Western Australia, drive a van along the East Coast of Australia for 32 days, ski 126 days on 8 resorts throughout Colorado and Utah,  move to New Zealand, explore both the North and South Islands, and ski close to 50 days at 4 ski fields. Those are some of the “insta-worthy” highlights. The other stuff that didn’t pass my “should I Insta this?” standards were perhaps more memorable and more life-changing.

I’m excited to zoom in on all of it.

Now, get the b*pp out of here!